With a soothing aromatic scents of exotic art exhibits in a pleasant traditional body clearance. Begonville Turkish Bath prides itself on having a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Only the best product are used in Begonville Turkish Bath and al the masseurs have certificates of qualifications. You will enjoy yourself relaxing in tranquil surroundings and an experience. All are made of marble Turkish bath, the temperature varies between 35-40 degrees. Reaching out to relax in a hot stone in the middle bracket. You will never forget and want to repeat over again.


The sauna is a high-temperature room where you can experience dry or wet heat which helps to balance the water and toxins in the body by means of perspiration. In general, the temperature at our saunas is between 60°C and 90°C. The heat source generates high temperatures and uses wood. The sauna experience opens the pores of the skin, removing dead skin cells and providing a superior smooth and vibrant glow. The relaxing and calming effect of a sauna eliminates negative feelings, such as stress and fatigue and has a positive effect on the nervous system.


In contrast to all other sports, fitness basically works the muscles one by one with or without equipment to make them firm and stronger. Fitness enables guests to feel psychologically better and more energetic and improves your self-confidence through shaping the body. To keep you in shape and protect your health and wellbeing, this is a key activity for maintaining our bodies health.


The best way to relax and maintain a healthy and energetic body is without doubt by releasing your negative energy through massage.